01. Color Me Impressed
02. Takin A Ride
03. 20th Century Boy (T.Rex)
04. Gary’s Got A Boner
05. Fuck School
06. I Will Dare
07. Sixteen Blue
08. Lookin For Ya
09. Hey Good Lookin’ (Hank Williams)
10. God Damn Job
11. Take Me Down To The Hospital
12. Johnny’s Gonna Die
13. All By Myself (Johnny Thunders)
14. Answering Machine
15. Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy)
16. Start Me Up (Rolling Stones)
17. Unsatisfied
18. Black Diamond
19. Never Been To College
20. Baby Strange (T. Rex)
21. Can’t Hardly Wait
22. Left In The Dark (Vertebrats)
23. Light My Fire (The Doors)
24. I’m Eighteen (Alice Cooper)
25. Do The Clam (Elvis Presley)
26. I’m In Trouble
27. Hitchin A Ride (Vanity Fair)
28. Kids Don’t Follow
29. Hayday
30. Smokin’ In The Boys Room (Brownsville Station)
31. Hootenanny
32. If I Only Had A Brain (Ray Bolger-Scarecrow)
33. Green Acres Theme (Richard Baily)



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