Archive: Holly Bowling Living Room Show


May 15th, 2016

A special living room show

Buffalo, NY

Set 1

Help on the Way >

Slipknot! >

Roggae >


Row Jimmy

It’s Ice >

Initiate > (#) *

It’s Ice

The Horse >

Silent in the Morning

Unbroken Chain

Squirming Coil

Set 2

Muppets Theme Song (#) **

Piper >

Terrapin Station Suite >

magnaball drive in set jam tease >

Scents & Subtle Sounds > ***

Slipknot! >

Franklin’s Tower

E: Harpua > #%

Mountains in the Mist >


(#)- First time performed by Holly

*GoGo Penguin

**Before the start of the set Holly played the Muppets theme song and made up a song about people finding their seats so the set could start.

*** w/ Terrapin & Lizards tease

% The Harpua included a narration about Holly’s friend BB, who she called up and dressed in a pink bunny outfit before playing the song he requested (Mountains in the Mist). After Mist, Holly told the story of Jimmy’s lesser known pet (a shark) and how BB had murdered it twice. At the end of the story, Holly revealed the story was actually about her, not Jimmy, and then made peace with BB for killing her shark. BB and Holly then did the Jimmy/Dad narration, which included an inflatable flying goldfish driving around the room during the “I don’t want a goldfish” section. The “I want a dog” lyrics were replaced by “I want a shark”, at which point an inflatable shark flew into the room. Holly then asked the crowd to sing “I want a shark” with her before playing the end of Harpua.