Buffalo Building Destroyed by Fire Subject of Tugboat Annie Song 745

The building destroyed in today’s devastating fire that killed a Buffalo Firefighter not only housed DC Theatricks, but it was the subject of a song by indie band Tugboat Annie.

The song “745” is about time spent at what was once referred to as “the lofts”.  A place of many parties, shows and events during the 1990’s. and where the band practiced and partied before eventually moving to Boston.

The original Tugboat Annie was composed of bassist Jon Sulkow, guitarist Mike Bethmann, guitarist Jim Brown, and drummer Tim Barrett.

They recently played a show at Sportsmen’s Tavern back in October.

Couldn’t find any video of that but here’s some from a show back in 2019. You can hear teh song 745 in the video above…

Our thoughts are with the Buffalo Fire Department and the family and friends of the firefighter lost in today’s fire.