Live Stream Your Next Show?

buffaloFMsmalllogoWe get a ton of requests from artists, bands and venues who want to be featured on or have other specific video/multimedia needs. So here’s the deal on how to best make sure you have Buffalo.FM at your next show!

Please direct all additional video/multimedia needs not mentioned here to our friends at WNYmedia Services at 716-430-6102.

Is there a cost to Feature a Video on Buffalo.FM?

NO.  We do not directly charge bands to be featured on  However,  we do offer additional options that are available to both local and touring bands through our partnered production company (See Below).

If you already have a video you’d like us to post, please send it along to us by going here and we will get it up ASAP. 

 The choice to feature your band is based mostly on availability and your artists/band’s talent.  

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How do we Live Stream a show on Buffalo.FM?

We love to come out and stream your showContact us and let us know you’d like to feature your show.  The concept behind doesn’t work without great content from amazing musicians and artists like yourselves.

Live Video Streaming Packages are available so Contact us so we can quote you a price based on the details of a show.

But, If you’d like to absolutely secure our cameras at your next show, keep reading below… 

Will You Shoot For Us?

We love shooting shows!  If you are a promoter or festival coordinator, PLEASE CONTACT us directly for additional pricing to work within your budget 

Can we get the raw video of what you shoot and then edit it ourselves?

YES. but Multiple camera HD video files can get quite large. Just supply us a hard drive suitable to fit all the files.