Europe – War of Kings World Tour

Europe at The Bears Den Inside Seneca Niagara Casino, Niagara Falls, NY, USA

By Jessie Lakatos

1 word AMAZING!!!!! Europe is back and with a new CD. Joey’s voice is still beautiful! John Norum is a guitar god! I would never be able to put into words how awesome this concert was! It was a small venue & you felt like an old friend. I have never seen Europe live, and their new cd, is nothing like their classic stuff I LOVE IT! I was truly blown away with every expectation I had of Europe.
My Boyfriend, had the chance to photograph them and as they came out, not even 5 step on the stage Joey was telling him he was number 1. All rock and roll, fun and smiles middle finger right in the face of the camera. Joey’s energy never fizzled, he surprised the audience and went up and down all the aisles shaking hand, hugging and hi-fiving everyone that attended.
At the show, there was a very excited fan. You could tell Europe was his favorite band from the moment he entered the venue. This young man never sat in his seat, he was so excited, He air guitared the whole time. The second or third song in, Joey leaned over and shook his hand and handed him a guitar pick, well I thought this kid was going to become a puddle before my eyes. I have seen a lot of performers and not many go above and beyond like Europe did. Joey made everyone feel like they were his personal guest at the show and it’s not often that you get that kind of hospitality and personal touch.

Scream of Anger


I have been a fan of the song Final Countdown for quite a while so I was excited to hear them play it! The performance was absolutely amazing! They have rocked the crowd from the very first note to the last. The vocals are clean, powerful and unique. The music touches every right spot in your body to make it dance along with the beat and riffs. It’s was a grand experience! I wish there were more performers like them. I wished they would come to the US more often, hopefully the next time the come they are in a slightly larger venue to allow for more space and more fans! I would like to see Europe again!
War of Kings
Hole in My Pocket
Rock the Night
Last Look at Eden
Scream of Anger
The Second Day
Sign of the Times
Praise You
Ready or Not
Girl From Lebanon
Let the Good Times Rock
Days of Rock ‘n’ Roll
The Final Countdown