LIVE ALERT (645pm): Dive House Union (Reunion) – Live @ Larkin Square Finale

Show will start approx. 6:45pm

Via Jeff Miers in 2014:

“DHU, as its plentiful fan base is fond of calling it, was one of the most successful bands on our independent music circuit. The group crafted a fiery blend of soul, R&B, gospel, blues, and funk that left plentiful space for wild flights of improvisational fancy.

Todd Eberwine and co-guitarist/vocalist David Michael Miller provided incendiary guitar playing to a mix bolstered by the talents of keyboardist Tom Scime, bassist Dave Herr, drummer Shannon Street, and saxophonist Barry Arbogast – virtuosos all, but even more significantly, a group of musicians that offered every indication that they had been born to make music together.”