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LISTEN: Dopapod – ” Dracula’s Monk”

Dopapod takes dark, angular dance music and translates it to an organ funk group in “Dracula’s Monk.” The Color Red version of the song finds the group fleshing the song out with the initial melody on organ as opposed to synths like they have performed the track in the past. This fresh take also features a robust jam at the end featuring the tasteful, funky guitar work of Rob Compa. Fans of the group will enjoy hearing the track in a whole new light while those new to Dopapod will be delighted with a track that appeals to fans of MMW & Squarepusher alike. Produced by Mike Tallman Credits: Chuck Jones – Bass Guitar (Electric) Eli Winderman – Keyboard Neal “Fro” Evans – Drums Rob Compa – Guitar (Electric)

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