FLASHBACK: Barry Manilow @ Shea’s Performing Arts Center (The Clicker Tour, 1997)

Hi Everyone,

This month’s winning concert was from the “Reminiscing” tour or as we called it, the “Clicker” tour in 1997.

It’s one of my favorite show concepts.

We were putting together the show promoting the “Summer of ‘78” CD and we came up with a way of making the show as interactive as possible.

There was a large screen on the stage that had photos of nearly all of my albums revolving like a roulette wheel.

During each show an audience member was given a clicker and asked to stop the wheel. Then I’d “reminisce” about the album and we’d do a few songs from it.

The band and I never know which album the “Wheel of Barry” was going to land on. We knew what songs we would do, but we never knew what album was going to come up. We really had to be on our toes during this tour!

We had a ball performing these shows. I loved talking to the audience members who would “click the clicker” for each segment.

We didn’t tour for very long with this concept, so this one is very rare.


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