LIVE PHONCERT – Marco Benevento & Suitcase Junket LIVE @ Buffalo Iron Works (SATURDAY @ 9pm)


For more than a decade pianist/sound-sculptor/songwriter Marco Benevento has been amassing an extensive resume of composition and collaboration. His studio albums have set forth a vision for music that connects the dots between Explosions In The Sky and Tortoise on one side, Brian Eno and Brad Mehldau on the other, while in the live setting his performances reverberate with pulsating dance rock energy. The 34-year old artist takes the next step forward in this evolution with his latest album, TigerFace, on which he paints his songs in a myriad of sonic colors, shimmering with acoustic piano, synths and analog keyboards. The tunes themselves seemingly conceptualized from every wisp of melody, hook and cadence that’s ever tickled his ear.

Here’s a video from the last time Marco came to Buffalo:

Listen to Marco Benevento-

Opening for Marco will be Suitcase Junket

Suitcase Junket is Matt Lorenz – a Vermont born musician, visual artist and tinkerer, is a professional showoff.  “I aim to write good songs and sing them honestly” says Lorenz.  He does that and more.  The Suitcase Junket’s artistic vision is one of salvaged and repurposed objects, images and emotions.  His innovative junk-percussion constructions, original album art featuring inanimate objects with wings, and the high craft of his songwriting all combine to create a unique and engaging entity with a force and style all its own.

Listen to Suitcase Junket  –

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