PHONCERT ALERT – The Dreaming Tree ( Dave Matthews Tribute ) @ Buffalo Iron Works

When: Friday June 12th @ 9pm

As always we encourage you to attend concerts in person, but if you can’t make it, Buffalo.FM has got you covered

About The Dreaming Tree –

In 2000, drummer Ryan Puckhaber set out to find a singer and guitarist who sounded like Dave Matthews, a saxophone player, a bass player interested in playing DMB, a guitarist who’s influences ranged all over the map, and a violinist who’s influences were mainly Boyd Tinsley, in Buffalo, NY…. your probably thinking piece of cake right?

Well after months of searching, The Dreaming Tree was formed in late 2001. “I remember our first show, the owner of a club called Big Shotz in Buffalo, would’nt book us until he heard us in a rehearsal.” said drummer Ryan Puckhaber “I’d imagine for fear that no way could a band pull off such a complex sound. He came down, and I’d like to say the rest was history, but it just wasn’t that easy. We played hundreds and hundreds of shows and our following absolutely exploded. Next thing we know, its 12 years later and they just keep getting bigger and bigger” Recent shows have eclipsed 1000 people in attendance in the Buffalo area . Although the lineup has changed here and there, the band feels they have found the best people for the job. “Playing in this band has enabled me to travel the world playing with different musicians, and I truly feel we have found the absolute best musicians in the country for this band. Sometimes I catch myself on stage watching in awe that I am able to share the stage with such amazing musicians.”

One thing is for sure, if you go to a Dreaming Tree show, close your eyes and listen…you just might think Dave Matthews Band is 20 feet away.

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