PHONCERT ALERT: Max Creek w/ Cosmic Kat @ Buffalo Iron Works

When: Friday Sept. 25th

Time: 9pm

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About Max Creek:

In those rare instances that a band reaches its fourth decade, it’s usually a result of stardom. It’s easy enough to keep things together when each member has a jet and techs on retainer and the world tour rolls around every few years. But that’s not how Max Creek has done it. In 40+ years Max Creek has been small, big, regionally-huge, medium, and any other size one can think of; they’ve never graced the cover of Rolling Stone, but you’d be hard pressed to find a music fan in the Northeast that hadn’t heard of them.

About Cosmic Kat:

Cosmic Kat is a band rooted in the deep traditions of jazz, funk, R&B and pop, but with a twist – the young musicians comprising the group are employing these raw materials to point the way toward the music’s future.
Whether digging deep into a classic Herbie Hancock chart, or finding the funk and jazz within a Bob Marley classic, Cosmic Kat marries serious instrumental virtuosity with the soulful concision of great R&B.