Sonder – REM ( Buffalo Iron Works )

Recorded Live at Buffalo Iron Works on Aug. 11th 2015

About  Sonder:

The word “live” has many meanings. As a verb it can mean to have life, or even to pursue a positive and satisfying existence. As an adjective it could mean in use or ready for use. As an adverb, it means the opposite of recorded. All of these definitions help to inform the experience of being in, and enjoying the music of Buffalo, New York’s Sonder

Sonder is ready: ready to engage their fans with their live electronic, progressive rock tinged jam/funk sound. They’re full of life and positivity, and their live performance has created a buzz that any up-and-coming band would covet. The band—made up of drummer and vocalist Ryan Bress, keyboardist and synth bassist Andrew Buchwald, and guitarist/bassist Mike Pfeil—have one main goal: to come together as a whole and push the idea of live music, and life, as far as they can. This is immediately evident when listening to the band’s tight, yet groovy prog-funk electronic sounds—or even better, when experiencing those sounds live.

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