Michael Franti Plays Delilah

This is a pretty cool project coming out of Buffalo and Michael Franti was kind enough to take part before his recent stop at Town Ballroom

About Delilah:  http://delilahsong.com/

Delilah is an electric guitar that was built by my father and me. As part of our effort to promote healing through music, we are attempting to set a world record for the most people to play one specific instrument, Delilah. DelilahSong is simply a culmination of all who participate, every chord; every note is to remind us we together can make a difference in our world for the better. We need anyone and everyone who is willing, to play Delilah in an effort to create and sustain a literal healing instrument. We will share the positive vibes and healing nature of music through Delilah to individuals in need of hope and healing by bringing Delilah to them, specifically children as well as adults with terminal illnesses. This is a community based project which we hope will have a positive impact on all who participate as well as our communities and the world which we all share. Thank you in advance for any participation and support for our project to promote healing through music.