Holiday Session: Robot Holiday – Santa’s Sleigh @ Larkin Square

Robot Holiday is collective of musicians who have been getting together for over a decade to write and record original, non-traditional holiday music. If you haven’t heard any of our music before, you might be surprised, bewildered, or confused by these songs. They’re about things like winter, and heartbreak, as well as Santa’s poor work ethic, and a novel solution to our dependency on foreign oil. As in years past, we feature singing robots, sometimes singing on their own, and sometimes performing duets with real, blood-filled humans. In addition, these songs feature a potent combination of whistling, glockenspiel, boot stomping, and ample amounts of Moog Synthesizer. And while it might not be obvious upon first listen, all these songs were written for, and in the spirit of, the holiday season. Go ahead and download all you want — these songs are all FREE!