We are very excited to announce the return of our Band Together Buffalo series the way it was intended.

A few changes…

This week’s streams will be Thursday and Friday but that may be subject to change.

Also each set will be streamed on our Youtube and Facebook pages and you now have a choice.

The Youtube stream will be broadcast in full 360° and the Facebook stream will be our normal multi-cam offering.

Because of our new set location, we have to shoot a bit earlier in the day, so as you can see, streams will now begin at 4pm and 6 pm.

If you miss the original broadcast, we will replay them later in the evening at 10pm and 11pm.

As for our location, it will be pretty easy to figure out where we are filming.

AND FFS PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP THE LOCATION. Doing so will only ruin the good things we are trying to do for Buffalo’s music community and for the musicians and others involved.

If at some point we can have a small socially distant crowd, we will certainly let you know, but for now, Please respect our request.

One more thing please consider your continued support of the musicians involved and the project itself at again!

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