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Photography by William Smyers

PHOTO GALLERY: Buffalo Kerfluffle 2014

Jessie Lakatos

107.7 Alternative Buffalo hosted Buffalo’s first ever Kerfuffle Festival.
What’s a Kerfuffle?
Besides short a word from a Dr’ Suess book with a star belly sneech or two, A Kerfuffle is described as a noise disturbance, a fuss or a argument in the dictionary.  Far from the meaning of it’s name, this festival with 8 bands, Jammed packed with a plethora of food trucks and vendors this festival was so well organized even the people that were dancing up on a street sign was quickly addressed.
The line -up was a very eclectic style of alternate music from Bear Hands, Big Data, Bleachers, Brick+ Mortar, Cage the Elephant, The Crystal Method, KONGOS, and Semi Precious Weapon.
Semi Precious Weapons from New York City, heavy influenced by 80’s glitz and glam and the mellow tones of U2, the lead singer drank wine from a wine glass while playing songs like “Aviation High” and “Look to the Stars” on stage.
Sounds of “Kongos” who are from South Africa tickled our ears while the Bass player with his curly locks, played shoeless.
 Bear Hands decided to hand out pizza to crowd with some of the staff from the 107.7 radio station.
We have to thanks “Big Data”  for entertaining us with some very digital 80’s and 90’s sounding beats like “Dangerous” and cover of Hall and Oats “private eyes.”
The Bleachers set included two drummers while The Crystal Method were 2 members on a DJ table.  Cage the Elephant’s Lead singer jumped off the stage and dove into the crowd, using his mic as his anchor.
I want to thank Zachary from 107.7 Alternate Buffalo for giving us a ride in the cherry picker, It truly gave a bird’s eye glimpse of the surreal sized audience.