FLASHBACK: The Real Wigs @ The Continental (1987)

Thanks to nepamcire via youtube for uploading some vintage VHS footage of the Real Wigs at the Continental. Gotta miss that place :-)

The Real Wigs were Joe Orlowski (in the middle) John Honan (bass), Chris Knab (drums), Eric Apen (on the right).

(The quality of the video is good and, well, not so good in spots. This was an old VHS tape- remember those?!?- that was transferred to digital.)

In looking for some information about the Real wigs (before our time) our old friend Kevin Hosey at Buffaloroots shared some sad info on the band and singer Joe Orlowski:

Joe Orlowski – Known as Joe Oh! as drummer, songwriter and singer for the Real Wigs, and drummer for the two-man band Handguns with Greg Sterlace, Orlowski was about as nice a person as existed, and not just “nice” nice, as I discovered when I got to know him outside of music. Orlowski was an Eagle Scout, and truly enjoyed and lived to help people and to relieve their problems; in fact, he died when he was hit by a car while helping a disabled driver on the Kensington Expressway.

RIP Joe….


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