Photos by William Smyers

PHOTOS: Klear Record Release Party

“EYES WIDE OPEN” – Klear Record Release Party – The Tralf Music Hall – Buffalo, NY – Saturday April 4th, 2015
Reviewed by Jessie Lakatos
Photos by William Smyers
I have my ears, heart and eyes wide open for this band.  I have had the pleasure to hear this band a few times, but Saturday night, Klear took the stage to give us a taste of their new music, their first record in 11 years.  After just a few notes of War, I knew that everyone should hear this band.  I literally started calling out my friends to come see them.  I interview a lot of musicians, give a lot of reviews, see a lot of concerts and listen to a lot of music in general.  I have to say that the charisma and personality pours out of all these band members into their music, they give a true meaning to “Music for Life”.
With Fred’s strong vocals and high energy complimenting Bruce’s laid back mellow demeanor, the two are like a rock and Roll Yin and Yang.  Denny a music prodigy, like the late great John Bonham, nails it on Makin’ Noise.  Leo, holds down a solid bass foundation while Dan’s fingers work magic on the keyboard.  The overall stage presence of this band leaves you smiling and in such a good mood that you will remember the event for years.  I challenge you to watch them and not get out of you seat.  When the night was over, the band signed autographs, posed for photos and thanked everyone for coming out to allow them to play.  Now, let me tell you after all that, who would have thought that the band has not practice together in a year before hitting the stage together, who even does that?  I’ll tell you who, KLEAR!
Klear is excited to announce, their brand new record, with all of the original line-up: Denny Pelczynski, Fred Shafer, Bruce Wojick, Leo McDonald, and Dan DeLano.
Klear’s “Eyes Wide Open” record includes 5 new studio and 5 unreleased tracks!
“A few for the road” material is Klear’s 2004 rendition of Bryan Adam’s HIT “Cut’s Like a Knife”, which was recorded by Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls.  Additional tracks include a live recordings from CBGB (NYC), Darien Lake (when they opened for Goo Goo Dolls), and the Viper Room (Hollywood CA.)
Come on and help me get these local guys on the radio,  demand that you want to hear “Eyes Wide Open” on your favorite radio station like WEDG 103.3 The Edge in Buffalo, NY I’ll even help you with the number, 716-644-9334.
  1. War
  2. Denial
  3. Long Way Down
  4. FireFly
  5. Makin Noise
  6. Best Of Me
  7. Don’t Know Where I’m Going
  8. Restless
  9. Stay
  10. Eyes Wide Open
  11. Picture
  12. Middle/Hooked
  13. Same Old Song
  14. All On Me
  15. Mr. Cracker
  16. Beautiful End
Klear’s new album can be purchased everywhere records are sold, including itunes.
To read more about the band, band members, buy merch, see tour dates or just see what they are doing check them out on their website