PHONCERT: Smackdab w/ Randle & The Late Night Scandals

When: Friday Aug. 21st from 5pm – 8pm

As always we encourage you to attend concerts in person, but if you can’t make it, Buffalo.FM has got you covered

“Smackdab excels at what might be called a new fusion, a hybrid of styles rooted in R&B and funk, with the instrumental dexterity of jam bands. Which means you can dance to the music, but it’s not all endless jams. Vocalist and front man Jon-Marc Johnson is at the center of the band’s sound, and he keeps things grounded in classic funk and soul.” – Jeff Miers, The Buffalo News

“Smackdab enjoy the kind of blazing word-of-mouth reputation most bands dream of. Ostensibly a modern soul/funk group, their live performances open the windows wide on what that means, bringing in sounds from much farther afield. Here’s the 4/4 intensity of a rock band married to the rhythms of old school R&B, soul, blues, and funk, as well as thick dollops of jazz and pop—made for the sole purpose of getting you onto your feet. Jonny Johnson, Mark Cooper, Matthew Baxter, Ryan Ecklund, and Daniel Witherspoon formed Smackdab from the remnants of legendary Jamestown bands Zeta Cauliflower, Mysterious Moonshow, and Little Dirty Goat. The Great Blue Heron has extended the band an open invitation to play the festival, to which every year they bring one of their barn-burning sets.” – Steve Lafreniere, Chautauqua Region WORD

Randle & The Late Night Scandals: A blend of charisma, sensuality, serious chops and the ability to make soul, funk, R&B and blues commingle in a perfectly seasoned gumbo.

Tickets are available at the door.

DOORS: 4:00pm, Show: 5:00pm
This event is 18+

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