Canalside Concerts from a Teenage Perspective

We’ve all heard a few complaints (and probably lodged a few ourselves) at the influx of teenagers who converged into Canalside for the free concert series this past Summer .

Many complained about their rude behavior, excessive talking and general non-interest in the general purpose of these free events – the music .

One teenager is ‘fighting back’ against the negativity teens received by posting a highlight reel of her “experience” at Canalside (see video above):

This year was a record breaking attendance for canal side concerts on Thursday nights.

I, Jesse Merrill am just a typical teenager who would love to attend these concerts to go and have fun and see my friends.

I decided to bring my GoPro to almost every concert (I even lost it at one concert and had to buy a new one) to film what the concert is like from a teenagers point of view.

Clearly were the life of the party.

If Buffalo really wants to crack down and try to get high schoolers to not attend, that’s fine but you’re only harming the city. You should try to encourage teenagers to come down and enjoy the music and see all there friends.

If you start kicking us out then the concerts will loose probably more than 25% of attendance.

Encourage young teenagers why they should want to stay in Buffalo and why it’s such an amazing city, not try to make them move away when they graduate.


Editor’s Note:

We agree with Jesse. We should encourage teenagers to come down and enjoy the music”.

But from our experiences this Summer (and in her video), most teens don’t come to Canalside for the music and often interrupt the people who do.

If teenagers came to these events with some respect for the music and the people trying to enjoy it, the experience would be far more pleasant for everyone.

What do you think?

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