Dirty Smile – Full Concert – 12/14/15 – Sportsmen’s Tavern – Buffalo, NY

Dirty Smile – Full Concert
Recorded Live: 12/14/2015 – Sportsmen’s Tavern (Buffalo, NY)

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Fly the Coop – 0:00
Mona Lisa – 4:32
Siren – 7:44
Voodoo Child / Proud Mary / Voodoo Child – 13:02
The Vow -18:50
Don’t Lie to Me – 22:53
Damn Me to Hell – 28:22
From Up Here – 32:14
Taste You Breathe – 37:37
Ruined – 42:09
Pain Grows Fonder – 46:55
Autumn Leaves – 51:08
My Own – 52:45
Eleanor Rigby – 57:37
Insanely Ever After – 1:04:07
Alive By The Light of the Moon 1:07:25

Megan Brown – Lead Vocals
Gus Walters – Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Jesse Raderman – Lead Guitar
Mike Suda – Bass Guitar
Erik Eimiller – Percussion, Vocals

Dirty Smile is a rockpopsoul outfit from the heart of rust belt realness, Buffalo, NY. If there was ever a band named ‘Fleetwood Zeppelin’, they would have to change their name to ‘Dirty Smile’. Armed with a batch of honest songs and an infectious energy, Dirty Smile stands resolute in its pursuit of rock-n-roll greatness.

The band’s hometown breeds a blue collar ethic that seeps into the music. It’s palpable. One can hear and feel the raw virtue in Megan Brown’s vocal delivery on the band’s first single ‘Siren’. It’s belted like a credo. “There’s no stopping her now…”, a soulful call to arms. Dirty Smile has put in the hours on the sweaty stages of Buffalo, NY, the Western New York Region, and New York City, honing their craft. The energy of their live performance leaps from the bandstand with grand enthusiasm. It’s difficult to ignore the vibrant, free flowing presence of Megan Brown at the microphone. Erik Eimiller, Jesse Raderman, Mike Suda, and Gus Walters form the adept band behind Brown that sounds seasoned beyond its years; dynamic and intense with a rock/pop soul.

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