We’re live once again this weekend for the 2016 Night Lights Music Festival starting at Thursday at 7:30pm

Here’s Thursday’s Lineup:

  • 7:30 – Adam Bronstein’s Acoustic Project
  • 9pm: Eric Brewer
  • 10:30pm – Aqueous

Be sure to follow our facebook page for photos, video highlights, updates and some other fun stuff throughout the weekend.

Our goal is to stream everything from the main stage of the festival.  We will try like hell to stream from the cafe stage but we already know going in that this will be a challenge.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the remote location of the festival, our internet strength may not allow for a HQ video feed. While we will do all we can to ensure a quality signal, If we can’t get video out of the woods, it will be an audio only weekend)


12:00 Band Contest Winner – Main Stage
1:30 The Commonheart – Main Stage
3:30 Funktional Flow – Main Stage
5:30 Buffalo Afrobeat Orchestra – f/Preach Freedom – Main Stage
*6:30 Broccoli Samurai – Café Stage
8:00 Jimkata – Main Stage
*9:30 Aqueous – Tribute to the 90s – Café Stage
11:00 Beats Antique – Main Stage
*12:30am Moon Hooch – Café Stage


12:00 Gnosis – Main Stage
1:30 The Commonheart – Main Stage
2:30 Relics – performs Pink Floyd’s Animals – Café Stage
3:30 Aircraft – Main Stage
*4:30 Holly Bowling – Café Stage
5:30 Tropidelic – Main Stage
*6:30 Smackdab – Café Stage
8:00 Aqueous – Main Stage
*9:30 London Souls – Café Stage
11:00 ERIC KRASNO BAND – Main Stage
*12:30am Lazlo Hollyfeld – performs Radiohead – Café Stage

** Cafe stage live streams will be based on our ability to get a signal out of the woods

UPDATE: We couldn’t get a feed out of the woods tonight. Mainstage will be different. See you tomorrow!)