Gov’t Mule Give’s Gary His Soulshine @ Artpark

We don’t know Gary, but when you’re walking out of a show and hear a diehard Mule fan ecstatically proclaim to his friend, “You even got a fuckin Soulshine, Gary!”. You know it was probably one hell of a show.

Whether Gary was to get his Soulshine or not, Last night’s show at Artpark featuring Gov’t Mule with Galactic is now top contender for show of the Summer.

New Orleans own Galactic warmed up the crowd with an amazing hour-long set filled with funk and soul featuring Erica Falls on vocals. Unfortunately for Galactic fans an hour long set just wasn’t quite enough to fill the void since their  last WNY appearence. They need to come back as soon as possible.

Gov’t Mule and Warren Haynes are at the top of their game. The perfectly constructed set featured a little bit of everything for Mule fans and the uninitiated.
Painted Silver Light‘ ‘Thorazine Shuffle’, Elton John’s ‘Have Mercy on the Criminal’ quickly got the crowd’s attention and by the time Mule laid into Etta James’ ‘I’d rather Go Blind’ you could literally hear a pin drop.

Gov’t Mule Setlist Tuesday in the Park 2017 2017, Revolution Come...Revolution Go

Haynes then brought out the Galactic Horn section featuring Ben Ellman and Shamarr Allen for Little Feat’s ‘Spanish Moon’.

Revolution Come, Revolution Go‘, the 2017 tour title and newest album release from Gov’t Mule was even better live than the studio version regularly heard of JamON and other outlets.

By the time the sun began to set Mule launched into a perfect medley of Ain’t No Sunshine > Blind Man in the Dark > Riders on the Storm.

As if the the more than 2 hour regular set wasn’t quite enough, the band returned with the Galactic horn section to give ‘Gary’ his ‘Soulshine’  (see video above) capping off a perfect set for any mule fan, including Gary.

The audio of the show isn’t up on Muletracks quite yet, but this one will be worth the download when it arrives later today or tomorrow.

You can DOWNLOAD audio of the entire SHOW from Muletracks. (click here)