Yolk Reunites on Stage at Flyday Music Festival

Back in the 90’s there were two regional bands we would pretty much do anything to see. One was moe.  to whom you obviously need no introduction.  The other was a band out of Binghampton, NY called Yolk

Yolk was a jam band from Binghamton, NY and described best by:

“The band has a sound that is all their own, melding grooves into a sweaty pool of rock, funk, hardcore, metal, ska, and jazz.”

Over the years, YOLK has shared stages with bands such as Fishbone, Sonic Youth, moe., The Toasters, Ween, and Wyclef Jean.”

The band included:

  • Jim Lomonaco – Bass
  • Jeff Pettit – Alto Saxophone
  • Matt Murphy – Drums
  • Adam Ash – Tenor Sax
  • Peter Carvelas – Guitar
  • Jimmy John McCabe –
  • Vocals Additional Musicians:
  • Peter Rubens – Keyboards
  • Lori Bingle – Trombone

This weekend, a group of members got together and played a few songs at the Flyday Festival in East Durham, NY ( Check video above)