NEW MUSIC: Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad (Feat. G Love) – Humboldt County Gold

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This is a NEW Panda album. If you enjoyed our album COUNTRY, you should be rolling like a kid in candy through this one.

The facts are these: this was the most fun we ever had making an album. Spiritually, sonically, and collectively this record was an amazing experience to make and to listen to.

Funny thing about music: what it means to the people who make it is often different than what it means to the people who take it in.

We hope you enjoy this. Please like it, share it, spread it around. Let it be part of your summer nights and dewy mornings.

Feels good to let this one Go. Big thanks to Aaron Lipp @aglipp1 for crushing it out on this one. Unsung hero is Milt Reder. He is playing guitar on the entire album as if he knew the songs for 30 years. He learned them before the take.

Respect. This is our lineage and our legacy.

And worry not. We still sex reggae hard. We make good music. The only kind worth making.

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