FLASHBACK: Nirvana @ UB Alumni Arena (1993)


Alumni Arena, University at Buffalo, Amherst, NY, US 11/05/93

AUD #1 Quality: 7.0

0:30 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
5:10 Drain You
8:48 Breed
12:00 Serve The Servants
15:54 About A Girl
19:23 Heart-Shaped Box
24:25 Sliver
26:49 Dumb
29:56 In Bloom
36:34 Come As You Are
40:07 Lithium
44:22 Pennyroyal Tea
47:44 School
51:02 Polly (Acoustic)
54:15 Milk It
57:59 Rape Me
1:00:36 Territorial Pissings
1:03:31 All Apologies
1:12:01 Blew
1:15:31 On A Plain
1:18:33 Smells Like Teen Spirit (Jam)

-During the soundcheck, Krist, Pat, “Big” John Duncan, and the Boredoms’ Yamamoto Seiichi jammed on “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter.”
-Kurt stopped “In Bloom” to yell at the security staff for being rough with people in the front of the crowd.
-Joined by the Boredoms, the Meat Puppets, and Cali DeWitt, the band jammed on “Smells Like Teen Spirit” at the end of the show, featuring horns and the Boredoms’ Yamatsuka Eye on vocals.